Most Common Dental Procedures


Most Common Dental Procedures
Bonding is a procedure that is restorative and uses a similar coloured tooth composite resin to repair decayed teeth. This is used on teeth that are also chipped and broken/fractured. It's a great method to also help close gaps in teeth. The great thing about bonding is that unlike veneers, bonding can be done at the dentist office.


Braces are a device that improve the alignment of your teeth. They help not only with issues such as underbites and overbites, but also in the general look of one's teeth. By aligning your teeth, it helps to improve their pressure on each other which results in better oral health in the long run. 


Implants & Bridges

If you have missing teeth or even just a single tooth, bridges and implants are an excellent solution to restore the look of your teeth. The difference between bridges and implants is that bridges are attached and anchored to neighbouring teeth to keep them in place by placing a crown on the supporting teeth and placing the bridge in the center. Implants are actually roots artificially created to support a replacement tooth that goes on top.

Extractions are the removal of a tooth/teeth. It can be due to crowding, a broken tooth or decaying tooth or one that is abscessed. Extraction of wisdom teeth is also a common procedure for late adolescents and young adults to help prevent crowding in the future.

Fillings and Repairs
Fillings are made of a composite to fill a tooth that has had decay as a result of a cavity, fracture or a break. Precious metals are not used anymore in most modern dental practices.


Veneers are extremely strong, durable and  relatively thin ceramic tooth shaped material that are bonded with your existing teeth. They can also be made out of a resin. They are typically know as a vanity item to make someones smile improved and looking great! However veneers are also used to repair teeth when a tooth is chipped and to deal with teeth that have stains that are too deep to lighten. If there is a gap in someone's teeth, veneers are also an excellent tool to make the teeth look more balanced without having to have braces. The prices on veneers have come down dramatically over the years and are an excellent option for patients to consider. 


Crowns & Caps

A crown is a cap that is tooth shaped and is placed over the tooth to recreate it's shape and appearance. They are cemented into place and the cover the existing part of the tooth and have a flush appearance to the gum-line making them look like a fully natural tooth. 



Dentures are teeth that can be conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are made to be positioned as soon as teeth are extracted so that the patient can have something to wear during the healing phase of their mouth and gums. Conventional dentures are placed after about 8 weeks so that the mouth has had time to heal. They are made to look much more realistic to match natural teeth and have a more precise positioning for better chewing and comfort. 


Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is used often to treat gum disease which is the inflammation of the gum line that can affect the bone supporting the teeth. There are a few levels to gum disease with gingivitis being the onset of advancing gum disease. Laser gum surgery utilizes a dental laser to remove inflamed and irritated tissue from around the root of the affected teeth. When this tissue is removed, the root is exposed and scraping off the plaque and tartar is performed. After this surgery, the gum and root can heal and recover. 



Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure to save a badly damaged or decaying tooth by removing the damaged portion of the tooth, cleaning is thoroughly and applying disinfectants and using agents such as Hypochlorite for smear layer removal before removing the pulp and then filling and sealing it back up with a gutta-percha substance. 



Teeth Whitening

As we age our teeth naturally darken. However, there are obvious foods and beverages that affect the appearance of your teeth as well as their strength. Coffee and sodas are some of the most consumed products that really stain our teeth! Sugary sodas not only stain our teeth, but the sugar weakens the enamel, thus leading to softening, decay as well as stains. Most toothpastes on the market have added ingredients for whitening our teeth and most of them do offset the staining pretty good.


Teeth whitening procedures can be as simple as OTC products with a one size fits all mouth tray to going into the dentist and having them make you a custom tray to be used with high peroxide solution for maximum whitening of your teeth. There is also teeth whitening light products that affect the gel applied to your teeth to heighten the effect of whitening. Teeth Whitening is fairly safe, but there can be some enamel erosion as a result of heavy use of peroxide products. You should definitely check with your dentist to determine the surface condition of your enamel to see if possibly a different product should be used. Whitening teeth strips are aplenty and are also a great item for keeping the stains away. 


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